The Other Knight Boys: Jane Austen's Dispossessed Nephews.

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Jane Austen's brother Edward Austen Knight's six sons grew up in privilege in comparison to their now-famous aunt, but also learned sorrow early when they lost their beloved mother. We are fortunate that Jane Austen was able to bask in that privilege when visiting the family at Godmersham, and that she and her mother and sister were able to receive a place to live from Edward where Jane could finally settle down to write and publish. Austen was a loving and observant aunt, allowing us a window into the lives of her nieces and nephews in letters to her sister Cassandra. How did these boys grow up? What kind of lives did they have in the Victorian world? Hazel Jones dedicates a section on each of the six men and their complex lives and relationships. Color plates. Index, end notes, and helpful bibliography. Uppercross Press, Devon UK. 2020. NEW. $28.00