Smith, Marie-Antoinette, Editor.

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Two major essays of the 1780's, Clarkson's "An Essay on the Slavery and Commerce of the Human Species," and Cugoano's "Thoughts and Sentiments on the Evil and Wicked Traffic of the Slavery and Commerce of the Human Species" are presented in this volume together with extensive appendices on British and American slavery and abolitionism. Contemporary arguments for and against slavery are included. These include excerpts from Olaudah Equiano's book, some of James Field Stanfield's observations, a letter from Clarkson to "Professing Christians" in North America, Anonymous Abolitionist poems, Poems by Hannah More and Helen Maria Williams, anti-slavery letters from Marquis de Lafayette to Thomas Clarkson, much more. 426 pages. Broadview Editions, Broadview Press. 2010. Paper. NEW. $24