The Interesting Narrative of Olaudah Equiano.

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Edited by Angelo Costanzo. Equiano [1745-1797] was kidnapped into slavery from his home in the Kingdom of Benin, taken to the Caribbean, then Virginia, bought to serve as a sailor, and purchased his freedom in 1766. He settled in London where he fought tirelessly to end slavery. The Narraitve was first published in 1789 and amended several times for further publication. This volume contains the first edition as the main text, with Equiano's emendations included in the appendices. Contemporary reviews are included. Also, there are 28 short writings from the first abolitionist movement in an appendix, including Benezet, Cowper, Clarkson, Cugoano, Wilberforce, Wollstonecraft, and many more, making this edition a valuable resource for the entire movement. Costanzo is one of the world's experts on Equiano and provides valuable context in the introduction. Broadview Press. 2004. Paper. NEW. $15.00