Staying Power: The History of Black People in Britain.

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Foreword by Gary Younge. Introduction by Paul Gilroy. Fryer was an activist who was expelled from the Communist Party in 1956 for rejecting Stalinism. He then turned much of his energy for justice to un-whitewashing British history. His 636 page book is called "encyclopedic" and "panoramic" and it certainly is full of information. But don't think it's like reading an encyclopedia. It's a gripping history that moves from one intense event to another, and it's really hard to stop reading. Learn about the Asian sailors who populated Britain's port cities, the wealthy African families who sent their children to Britain for education, the Black people who were leaders in the Chartist, male suffrage, abolitionist, and other labor and populist movements. Each summary of a historical event entices further reading, online searches and a search for more books. Staying Power was published in 1984, and Fryer noticeably concentrates on working class and poor populations. You may find you want to keep coming back to Fryer to find more stories to research for additional information made available since the book was first published, and for nuances he just didn't have time for, as he pushes on to bring back forgotten histories. Pluto Press. 2018. Paper. USED. $12.00
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