Jane Austen's Novels.

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A Bowdoin Prize Dissertation. The first dissertation on Jane Austen, given at Harvard University, is a 50 page essay. As Devoney Looser describes in Chatper 10 of The Making of Jane Austen, Pellew skillfully sets Jane Austen among other writers, inlcuding not just her prededessors and contemporaries, but also her descendants in the 19th century. Bringing Austen-love to academia, Pellew performed a great service to us all, and in spite of the time period in which he wrote, his perceptions are keen and worthwhile. This copy is exceptionally clean, like new but without its original red cover and paper label. It has been professionally rebound  maroon cloth over heavy boards. Rare book captures an important moment in history.  Boston: Cupples, Upham, & Co. 1883. First edition. USED. $450
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