The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together.

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McGhee, an expert in economic and social policy, cites extensive research and personal stories gathered from across the country to tell the stirring story of the US's current plight, rooted in years of barely fettered racism and greed. In Austen's time, abolitionists often explained to their audiences how slavery damaged the souls of the slavers as well as the lives of the enslaved. McGhee shows racism's cost to all of us in economic inequalities, moral failures, and social pain. McGhee gives reason for hope. She describes what she calls the Solidarity Dividend: how life can be more than a zero-sum game, and outlines ways we can move forward to a better future, less unequal, more fulfilling for all. One World, an Imprint of Random House. 2021. Hb, Dj. NEW. $20.00
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