Jane Austen and Altruism.

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Ki identifies a theme in Austen's novels of a rigorous, boundary-senstiive model of altruism. Ki discusses her influences, including her naval and clergy family, witnessing wartime patriotism, the Evangelical revival, the Regency culture of politeness, and novels of sensibility. Ki shows how human relationships in Austen's novels range from enlightened selfishness to pathological altruism, where self-identity is formed against a range of empathy, kin-altruism, reciprocal exchange, and group altruism. Note, the chapter on Pride and Prejudice shares elements with an article "Kin Altruism, Spite, and Forgiveness in Pride and Prejudice" that appeared in Philosophy and Literature (2019).  Ki is Programme Director of MA in Literature and Comparative Studies, and Associate Professor of English Language and Literature at Hong Kong Baptist University. Published at $160.00 Routledge. 2020. Hb. NEW. Special price $120.00
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