Approaches to Teaching Jane Austen's Persuasion.

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A welcome addition to the MLA series of excellent resources for educators, this issue provides teachers with avenues to explore the depths and richness of Austen's last completed novel, including through literary, contextual, and philosophical lenses. Essays are divided into sections of Historical Context, Close Reading and Inner Life, Literary Context, and Other Teaching Strategies. With an extensive introduction by the editors. Essays by Peter J. Capuano, William Nelles, Monica F. Cohen, Sheila Johnson Kindred, Gillian Dooley, Sheryl Craig, Paul Westover, Margaret Case, Timothy Peltason, Magdalena Ostas, Julie Ann Melnyk, Julia Prewitt Brown, Magdalena Nerio, Lynda A. Hall, Anna Dodson Saikin, Catherine Engh, Melissa J. Ganz, Abigail Burnham Bloom, Sylvia A. Pamboukian, Talia Schaffer, Rebecca Posusta, Catherine J. Golden. Topics include subjects that might be unfamiliar to students such as free indirect discourse and other narrative techniques, social class, the Navy in Napleonic wars, key locations, women's role in nursing and health care, and much more. Includes a section on materials and a valuable Works Cited list. MLA. 2021. Paper. List $32. NEW. $28.00
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