Kicking Ass in a Corset: Jane Austen's 6 Principles for Living and Leading from the Inside Out.

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Devoney Looser calls this "an engaging, readable book that is sure to inspire." Lauded as "the best empowerment book for women today" by Laura Berman, this book is recommended for all women who want to be leaders in their own lives, whether or not they are Austen fans. Kayne uses 6 Austen heroines to teach her theory of internally referenced leadership. Director of the doctoral program in educational leadership at DePaul, Kayne has taught, written, and consulted on topics of leadership, including empowerment, feminism, and emotional intelligence. Kayne shares some lit crit, some personal stories, and important stories of successful women leaders, as well as walking us through the lessons Austen teaches about being strong and true to ourselves in her fiction. University of Iowa Press, 2021. Paper. NEW. $17.00
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