There's Something About Darcy: The curious appeal of Jane Austen's bewitching hero.

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Intrigued by Jane Austen fandom (Malcolm is the editor of Fan Phenomena: Jane Austen, 2015), the author takes a deep dive into the particular fandom of Mr Darcy. She looks at 200 years of fascination, fan fiction, screen and theater adaptations, and investigates the Darcy-esque characters we find in works by other authors. In common with Heathcliff, Rochester, the Scarlet Pimpernel, and Dracula, Austen's Darcy is the brooding Gothic hero, aristocratic elitist, and romantic Regency man of action, combined into one. 20th century romance novels depend on his example. Adaptations cast Darcy as Cold War spy, vampire, Mormon, African-American teen, successful attorney, award-winning chef - he is truly every man when creative minds remake him to fulfill their own desires. Dr Malcolm is an academic, artist, author, and script writer. Lume Books. 2019. Paper. NEW. $16.00