Joseph Banks: A Life.

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Introduced by Peter Campbell. Joseph Banks [1743-1820] was a promoter of science, an explorer and naturalist, and a longtime presdient of the Royal Society. O'Brian makes Banks's life as exciting as the lives of his own fictional characters. Indeed, in his introduction Campbell points out that Banks seems a combination of Maturin and Aubrey in one man. O'Brian lets Banks speak for himself, drawing on original texts, as well as pulling from years of research by academics to create this portrait of an amiable, energetic explorer. Done in best Folio style, this production includes exquisite color plates of nature studies, paintings of locations, satirical prints, portraits, and documents. Sienna burlap covers spine and back cover. Front cover designed by Chris Wormell. Slight bump to box corner and previous owner's signature on FFE, otherwise like new. The Folio Society, Ltd. 2016. USED. $68.00