Caleb Williams.

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From one of the most popular novelists of the Romantic era, father of Mary Shelley (she dedicated her novel Frankenstein to him), husband of Mary Wollstonecraft, praised by Byron and Shelley. Godwin's originality shows in this riveting account of a young man whose curiosity leads him to pry into a murder in his past. A novel of crime and detection, Caleb Williams also reveals evils and inequities of 1790's British political and social systems. Edited by Gary Handwerk and A. A. Markley. Like all Broadview editions, the novel is accompanied by extensive primary source materials, including Godwin's original manuscript ending, political writings of Burke and Paine, and materials on crime and the prison system. An excellent introduction discusses the political, philisophical, and literary context. Broadview Press. 2000. Paper. USED. $10.00