Essays by Divers Hands. Volume VIII 1922 and Volume X 1931.

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Two volumes of Essays by Divers Hands sold together. Volume VIII published in 1922 includes an essay by Professor H. W. Garrod, C.B.E., M.A., F.R.S.L. called "Jane Austen: A Depreciation," in which Garrod argues, among many other criticisms, that Austen is only read by middle aged men past the point of interest in passions, certainly not interesting to young people and women. Garrod speaks tongue-in-cheek but does mean to deliver a variety of punches, and accuses Austen of endorsing simony and having no characters who own dogs, among other nonsense. Next comes Volume X, which includes a rebuttal from R.W. Chapman called "Jane Austen: A Reply to Mr. Garrod," in which Chapman defends our favorite author from Garrod's take-downs with great skill. There are other very good essays on interesting topics of literature in both volumes in addition to the verbal sparring over appreciation of Jane Austen, but I will leave their descriptions to others. Blue cloth with paper labels to spine. Very good condition. London: Humphrey Milford. Oxford University Press. Hb. No jackets. USED. $45.00