Anna Letitia Barbauld and 18th Century Visionary Poetics.

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Watkins writes in his introduction that his study of Barbauld, Yearsley, and Baillie, has convinced him that they are worthy of deep study, and that they "are among the most important poetic statements of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries and should be placed alongside the works by Blake and Wordsworth for their visionary sophistication and revolutionary thought." He explains that it's difficult to read a single poem and understand the poet's intent, because the poems were integrated into the volume that was published. This book covers Barbauld's vision and politics, her  volume of poetry published in 1773 and again after revision in 1792, and her life. Barbauld believed that the principles of love, sympathy, liberty, and pacifism are necessary for meaningful human life. Watkins places her works in the moment, which offers new perspectives on the social and political trends of the time period. Barbauld lived from 1743 to 1825. Condition is Like New, appears not to have been read. Johns Hopkins University Press. 2012. Hb. Sells new for $63. USED. $35.00
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