Jane Austen: Hard Romance.

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The Hilda Hulme Lecture 1995. School of Advanced Study. University of London. Lecture presented 18 December 1995. This lecture, fitted on 8 pages in very small but readable print, takes Kipling's story The Janeites as a structural aid, appreciating especially Humberstall's shift from thinking there's nothing in the novels to thinking there is a lot in them after all. Her major theme of "hard romance" contemplates the difficulty, the corruption, the accompanying lack of choices, the need for a living, all the extra factors that color or obscure passion and love for Austen's characters. Everett is ultimately interested in what makes Austen's novels seem to exist somewhere between art and life. Like new. University of London. Central Printing Service. 1996. Stapled Pamphlet. USED. $20.00
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