The Novel as Network. Forms, Ideas, Commodities.

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It's interesting to think how our concept of "The Novel" is rapidly changing. This collection of essays tackles the ways contemporary Anglophone novels and their derivatives (graphic novels, comics, podcasts, television series) operate within current systems of media production. The book brings together American, British, and Post-Colonial studies with Book, Pubilshing, and Media studies. Contributors include Mathias Nilges, Kristian Shaw, Christopher Pizzino, Stephen Shapiro, Julia Round, Patrick Gill, Tamer Thabet, Jim Collins, Julia Panko, Claire Squires, Jeremy Rosen, Alexander Starre, and the editors. Palgrave list price for the hardbound book is $149.99 and for the eBook is $109. This is a one-time offer of this book in NEW condition, appears not to have been read. Palgrave Macmillan. 2020. Hb. USED. $65.00
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