This is the Hour: A Novel about Goya. Illustrated by Himself.

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"Illustrated with two hundred reproductions of the drawings, etchings and paintings of Goya selected and arranged by J. B. Newumann." Goya [1746-1828] was a Spanish Romantic painter and printmaker whose work is regarded as a bridge between the Old Masters and the modern art period. Feuchtwanger [1884-1958], Bavarian and Jewish, was an early critic of what would later become the Nazi party. He escaped Germany in the 1930's and settled in the US, where he later came under suspicion during the McCarthy era. He was a theatre critic, soldier, playwright, and wrote highly acclaimed historical novels. This is one of those novels, first published in 1951. This edition translated by H. T. Lowe-Porter and Frances Fawcett. Lauded as the best way to understand Goya, with much information about the times he documented, including the Napoleonic Wars, with his energetic paintings. Wrap-around illustrated cover with black slipcase. Very Good condition with Good Slipcase. The Heritage Press, New York. 1956. Hb, Slipcase. USED.  $25