Re-Drawing Austen: Picturesque Travles in Austenland.

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This volume was originally inspired by the International Conference "Jane Austen Oggi e Ieri/Now and Then" held at the University of Bologna 18 October 2002. This rich collection of 40 essays covers new directions in Austen criticism, Austen's world and culture, discussion of her texts, and production.  In the Romantic period, the picturesque applied to literature as well as figurative arts. The editors use the analogy of traveling through "Austenland" to illustrate the journey that explorers of Austen find themselves on, as they traverse the enormous amount of responses to her works and her historical presence, often contradictory. General readers and critics experience this multitude of perspectives, and the editors liken this experience to the aesthetic principles of the picturesque popularized by Gilpin. We won't list all the names, but contributors include many familiar names to our readers (Galperin, Wiesenfarth, Duckworth, Benedict, Todd, Wiltshire, McMaster, Byrne, Looser, Moody, Tuite, Sales, Southam, to name a few) as well as Italian scholars who may be less familiar to our readership - unless they've had linguistic assistance from a certain Miss Anne Elliot. Very good condition. Signed by the editors to the previous owner.  Liguore Editore. Italy. 2004. Soft cloth cover. USED. $40.00
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