Horror Literature from Gothic to Post-Modern: Critical Essays.

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In their introduction, the editors explain that the catalyst for this collection was the creation of the Ann Radcliffe Academic Conference first held in 2017. Interest in an academic conference grew out of the Horror Writers Association. The collection of essays in this book takes in a range of topics, from historic works such as Ann Radcliffe's Gaston de Blondeville (1826) to modern novels including Max Brooks' World War Z. It also includes examination of weird fiction, Stephen King, Indigenous Australian monster mythology, and horror in picture books for young children, among other topics. With a foreword by Lisa Morton and afterword by Becky Spratford. Contributors include Elizabeth Bobbitt, Erica McCrystal, J. Rocky Colavito, John C. Tibbetts, Danny Rhodes, Gavin F. Hurley, James Arthur Anderson, Bridget E. Keown, Emily Anctil, Naomi Simone Borwein, Johnny Murray, Kevin J. Wetmore, Hr., Frazer lee, Rahel Sixta Schmitz. McFarland. 2020. Paper. NEW. $27.00
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