Memoirs of Letitia Pilkington. Two Volumes.

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Edited by A. C. Elias Jr. Poet Laetitia Pilkington [1709-1750] wrote entertaining and detailed memoirs that bring several important figures of the 18th century to life. For example, much of what is known about Jonathan Swift comes from her memoirs. In her teens, she married a priest in the Church of Ireland and found herself with a wicked husband with no easy way out. She eventually left him, and paid the social price. Yet she continued to move in and out of some interesting circles. This is a two-volume set. The first contains the three volumes of memoirs published in 1748 and 1754. The second volume contains the editor's copious notes. Elias's idea was that people who just want to read and enjoy her memoirs won't be interrupted by the notes. But further information about all the places, characters, and background is in that second volume for the reader who wants to know everything, the student, and the scholar. 845 pages in two volumes. Fine, Like New. The University of Georgia Press. 1997. Hb. USED. $150.00