Archeology Greets Jane Austen. By unearthing her birthplace and first home.

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Austen lived from 1775 to 1801 at Steventon Rectory, her birthplace. Steventon was home to a large family, as well as live-in students taught by her father. Because the building was demolished in the mid 1820's, leaving an empty lot, legions of Austen fans have looked across a meadow and tried to imagine that bustling community. Charlton's excavations help bring the rectory to life. The book gives background for the entire village, from prehistory to Roman occupation to the 19th century. Through beautiful color pictures of her findings, from building materials to everyday items like buckles, pins, and bits of pottery, we are brought closer to the occupants during Jane Austen's life, and we learn about archeology along the way. Printed by Sarsen Press, Hampshire. 2017. Paper. NEW. $27.00