Bath History Volume VII. 1998.

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Eight essays on historical topics related to Bath. Contributors include Christopher Woodward, Jean Manco, Trevor Fawcett, Hilary Arnold, Deirdre Le Faye, Michael Forsyth, Owen Ward, Sally Festing, R. Angus Buchanan. Topics include Roman and Saxon Bath, science lecturing at Bath 1724-1800,  Bath cabinet makers, 19th century Bath architecture, the floods of Bath, and more. The section by Deirdre Le Faye is Part II of a section on "genteel widows of Bath" and is titled "'A Persecuted Relation': Mrs Lillingston's Funeral and Jane Austen's Legacy," where Le Faye uses information to construct a life of Mrs Lillington, who left something in her will to Jane and her sister Cassandra.  Millstream Books. Bath. 1994. Paper. NEW. $15.00