Women's Periodicals and Print Culture in Britain, 1690-1820s. The Long Eighteenth Century.

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This period saw the rise of modern periodical culture. Previous histories obscure the very active role of women's voices in this movement. These 30 essays show that periodicals, and women, drove debates on politics, education, celebrity, and everday life. Illustrated. Six sections, each with their own introduction, divide essays into themes. Contributors: James Robert Wood, Eve Tavor Bannet, Anna K. Sagal, Koenraad Claes, Dustin D. Stewart, Jennifer Batt, Tanya M. Caldwell, Octavia Cox, Rachel Carnell, Isobel Grundy, Catherine Ingrassia, Alessa Johns, JoEllen DeLucia, Rachael Scarborough King, Megan Peiser, Pam Perkins, Jenny DiPlacidi, Hannah Doherty Hudson, Evan Hyales Gledhill, Nicola Parsons, Slaney Chadwick Ross, Kathryn R. King, Susan Carlile, Claire  Knowles, Barbara M. Benedict, Chloe Wigston Smith, Laura Engel, Serena Dyer, and the editors. This copy is almost like new. It is currently being reprinted at list price of $200, and the eBook is also listed at $200. Edinburgh University Press. 2018. Hb. USED. $100
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