Jane Austen, Sex, and Romance. Engaging with Desire in the Novels and Beyond.

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A range of voices, from literary scholars to video game designers, speak to Austen's novels and the works that they inspire, this time as aphrodisiac. What is at stake for each set of Austen enthusiasts (including scholars, critics, and creators and fans of sequels, movies, plays, role-playing games) when Eros is added to the equation? Contributors include Mary Ann O'Farrell, Jade Higa, Christien Garcia, Marilyn Francus, Maria Clara Pivato Biajoli, Stephanie Oppenheim, Diana Birchall, Nora Nachumi, Rachel M. Brownstein, Elaine McGirr, Judy Tyrer, Margaret Dunlap, Devoney Looser, Laura Engel, Deborah Knuth Klenck and Ted Scheinman, and Juliette Wells. Essays are grouped by The Novels; Austen Fan Culture and Austenesque Fiction; Austen on Stage, on Screen, and Online; and Austen in Conversation and Context. List price $99. SPECIAL LOW PRICE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. University of Rochester Press. 2022, Hb, NEW. $42.00
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