Studies in Romanticism Vol 61 Number 1 Spring 2022

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This Special Issue is titled "Race, Blackness, and Romanticism." Edited by Patricia A. Matthew, with Introduction by Matthew. Contributors include Atesede Makonnen, Joseph Albernaz, Taylor Schey, Julian S. Whitney, Jeremy Goheen, Kerry Sinanan, Mathelinda Nabugodi, Yasser Shams Kan, Kristina Huang, Kathleen Lubey, Omar F. Miranda, Kimberly Bain and Elizabeth Maurice Alexander, Bakary Diaby, Patricia A. Matthew, Deirdre Cooper Owens, Jordan Alexander Stein, Brigitte Fielder. Reviews include books by Jennifer L. Morgan, Derrick R. Spires, and Matt Sandler. Twelve articles; topics include "Romanticism and the Evolution of Anti-Blackness" and "Transitory Blackness in British Romantic Chimney-Sweep Literature." Johns Hopkins University Press. 2022. Paper. NEW. $10.00