Readings on Jane Austen.

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From a series The Greenhaven Press Literary Companion to British Authors. Topics include her relationship to her critics, her women in a conservative society, 19th century criticism of her novels, humor, stylistic devices, satire, essays on each novel. A list of contributors reads like a shelf of great books on Austen and includes Fay Weldon, David Monaghan, John Halperin, Jan Fergus, A. C. Bradley, J. B. Priestley, Andrew H. Wright, Alistair M. Duckworth, Norman Sherry, John Odmark, Howard S. Babb, W. Somerset Maugham, Laura G. Mooneyham, Tony Tanner, Jane Nardin, Richard Church, Douglas Jefferson, June  Dwyer, Marvin Mudrick, D. W. Harding. Introduction, Chronology, Index. The Greenhaven Press.1997. USED. $9.00