British Portrait Miniatures.

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This gorgeous oversized art book contains 349 illustrations. The text accompanying each portrait reveals research findings on the artist and subject. Portraits are presented in actual size or near-actual size photos then presented magnified, so that portions of the portrait take up an entire page, allowing the viewer to appreciate even more the talent and hard work that went into creating these meticulously detailed paintings. The chapter on the Cleveland Museum of Art's long history of collecting miniatures includes photos of early displays, with a photo of a gallery from 1922, a Plain Dealer article on the museum's Greene acquisition in  1951, and more. Like many of CMA's collected works, the majority of this highly respected collection is generally hidden, with a few miniatures rotating to the galleries. Korkow researched and catalogued the collection so these typicall hidden intimate portraits can be enjoyed in books and in the museum's online resources. Cleveland Museum of Art. 2013. Hb, Dj. NEW. $35.00
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