Jane Austen and the Creation of Modern Fiction: Six Novels in a Style Entirely New.

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PRE-ORDER. EXPECTED DELIVERY JULY 15, 2024. Why do Jane Austen's novels seem unique when compared to other novels of her time? Hemingway shows how Austen pivoted from superficial adventures to interior psychological studies, in the process showing how world-class fiction is built from the ground up. With in-depth study of each novel, revealing Austen's fictional techniques, Hemingway shows how her creativity and technique grew with each endeavour. Hemingway has authored several books and speaks frequently at Jane Austen Societies' events. Perhaps he is best known to Janeites for his sensitive, believable treatment of Austen's missing years in his novel trilogy The Marriage of Miss Jane Austen. List price $49.95. McFarland. 2024. Paper. NEW. $35.00
$35.00 $49.95