Jane Austen: Connecting the Dots. (Her Letters Explained.)

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Edited by Harvey T. Dearden. A new book of Austen's letters! This is a solid  attempt to make clear Jane Austen's voice in the bit of personal letters that remain, using footnotes and parantheticals on the page, rather than making the reader turn to the back of the book. The editor also employs "speculations" explaining things that we might have missed, or that might take us years of reading reference material to understand. Some of this clears up terms that have become obscure over the past 200 years. Other "speculations" have to do with family and social relationships. He's pretty confident in his speculations (or interpretations) but avoids controversy by labeling them carefully nonetheless. Dearden has several very helpful lists in the front of the book, including topics such as notes on the postal system, types of carriages, and incomes in Austen's England. Dearden makes clear this book accompanies Deirdre Le Faye's meticulously researched Letters, rather than replaces it, as Le Faye's book appeals to researchers and his book is meant to help the common reader fully understand and enjoy the letters. In fact, the letters are numbered the same as Le Faye's, convenient for the inevitable cross-referencing we are bound to do. He also explains in his introduction that some letters are not available to him due to copyright issues with the Le Faye book. Just skimming through, several helpful entries were found. Definitely worth the investment in our opinion! Self-published. 2022. Paper. NEW. $18.00