Reviews of Mansfield Park T-shirt.

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In early 1814, Jane Austen began filling a notebook with "Opinions of Mansfield Park," collected by her from various friends and family members. Some, like Mrs. Carrick, felt that “All who think deeply & feel much will give the Preference to Mansfield Park.” Others, however, were not so pleased. Jane's own mother declared Fanny "insipid." In celebration of the 200th anniversary of the publication of Austen's most daring work, we present a lovely white cotton t-shirt decorated with a representation of the most notable reviews Jane received. Done in the style of a Regency-period publication announcment, this shirt is sure to start many conversations with your Janeite friends. Perhaps they'll want to add their own opinions to the list! Unisex sizes S-2X. NEW. $14.00